Seaport Village

San Diego, CA      

Project Design Consultants is providing survey services, engineering services (including relocation of significant utilities), site grading and drainage plans,street improvement plans, drainage/storm water quality reports, and permit processing in support of Seaport Village being transformed into a series of high-rise towers, with new retail, blue tech, and tourist related buildings set amidst parkland. It will also include San Diego’s answer to Seattle’s Space Needle, anchoring the continent's southwestern corner. It is a $1.5 billion project, to be built on 70 acres around the current site. More than 30 acres are expected to be parks and open space.


Current plans for the new Seaport Village include three hotels, and several visitor-serving attractions, including an aquarium and a 480 foot tall observation tower tentatively called “The Spire.” It would be one of the city’s tallest and most prominent structures.


Office space will focus on "blue tech", with businesses that are centered on the ocean and water. Businesses working in robotics, underwater drones, and acoustics are among the types that might move there.


Hotels planned for the site include a four-star property, and two smaller hotels: one a micro-hotel with cruise-ship sized rooms, and the other a modern hostel. The aquarium will be approximately 178,000 square feet in size. Project construction could start in the next three to four years.




• Survey Base Mapping

• Utility Relocations

• Site Grading and Drainage Plans

• Drainage and Storm Water

   Quality Technical Studies

• Street and Site Improvements

• Permit Processing


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