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Our team was selected to be the lead consultant and provided civil engineering and survey services for the redevelopment of the existing Riverwalk Golf Club site. This large and complex project proposes a specific plan amendment, rezone, a community plan amendment, VTM, PDP, SDP, CUP, and a public right-of-way and easement vacation to effectuate changes to the Levi Cushman Specific Plan. These changes will create a dynamic mixed-use development completed with parks and open space. Riverwalk includes 4,300 residential dwelling units, approximately 140,000 sq. ft. of commercial spaces, approximately 1M sq. ft. of office, and a variety of parks and open space. The project will provide 10 percent of the dwelling units as affordable housing units. The 195-acre project site is located west of Fashion Valley Road, north of Hotel Circle North, and south of Friars Road in the Mission Valley Community.




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