Southwest Division Naval Facilities Command IDIQ -

Real Estate Summary Maps

San Diego, CA

While under a $5-million, 5-year IDIQ contract directly with Southwest Division Naval Facilities Command, Project Design Consultants (PDC) prepared 25 Real Estate Summary Maps (RESMs) in one task of $1.3 million. RESMs are a complete land title record and a survey of an entire naval facility. PDC scanned all property records, deeds, easements, leases, etc. PDC also acquired title reports from title companies for each base. City, County, and State records were researched. A full boundary land survey was performed on each base. This data was all compiled into one map that documented all property records and geospatial locations of the land rights associated with each base. The data was converted to a GIS format for military access and maintenance of records. All scanned records were linked within the electronic map drawings for quick reference.



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