Project Design Consultants (PDC) was chosen to prepare Phase I of the Solana Beach’s General Plan Update, which includes the Land Use Element, Circulation Element, and Housing Element. The draft Land Use Element includes a description of goals and policies aimed at promoting sustainable development. The intent is to encourage new development that is designed to promote the use of alternative forms of transportation; provide better recreational opportunities; implement green building practices; maximize water and energy efficiency and waste reduction; improve water quality; and encourage the use of renewable energy sources.


The main objective of the Circulation Element is to establish a comprehensive multi-modal transportation system that facilitates more walking, biking, and transit use.


The Housing Element was submitted to the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) in October 2013 and found to be in compliance with state law after just one review. It was adopted by the City Council on February 13, 2013, well in advance of the April 30th deadline.


PDC has also been conducting extensive public outreach and participation, and has been using SurveyMonkey to post online questionnaires to involve citizens unable to attend public meetings. In addition, TurningPoint technology, which allows participants to provide real-time responses to questions displayed in presentations, was applied in a public workshop and was well received by the community.




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