Smart Corner

San Diego, CA

Smart Corner is a Mixed Use development located on an entire city block in the East Village area of downtown San Diego. The Smart Corner property is at the hub of Downtown San Diego’s transit system, providing rapid access to downtown amenities and all parts of San Diego County by trolley or bus. The San Diego Trolley’s College Station will separate the two on-site structures. To the northeast is a 19-story residential tower with 301 condominiums and ground floor retail. On the southeast portion of the site is a five-story office building with ground-floor retail, all over below-grade parking.


Project Design Consultants provided demolition, tentative mapping, final engineering, final mapping, condo plans, construction survey services and landscape architecture for Smart Corner.  This project required Project Design Consultants to work closely with various agencies including CCDC, SANDAG, MTDB, MTS, CALTRANS, and the City of San Diego.  In order to construct the project, it was necessary to relocate the existing City College trolley station one block west along C Street, as the previous station was in conflict with the excavation and shoring that needed to occur. The temporary station remained in operation during construction of the project.




• Civil Engineering

• Mapping/3D Mapping

• Construction Survey





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