San Elijo Hills

San Marcos, CA

Project Design Consultants (PDC) provided planning services for the analysis, design, and graphic production for San Elijo Hills, a 2,000-acre site with over 3,400 dwelling units, a mixed-use town center, and community, neighborhood, and regional parks. Specifically, PDC redesigned the existing residential site plan to emphasize community and neighborhood identity, while utilizing the natural topography to maximize views. PDC also reconfigured the central area of the project to create a town center featuring a couplet road design. This redesign repositioned land uses to maximize the sense of community and emphasize pedestrian friendliness. PDC Landscape Architecture Department created a detailed design of the 18-mile community trail system and the 20-acre community park. GIS graphics were produced for analytical and presentation purposes throughout the planning and design process.




• Hillside Community Planning

• Grading Design

• Site Design for mixed-use town square, parks, roadways and various residential projects

• Landscape Architecture

• Civil Engineering

• Survey




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