Peoria Sports Complex

Phoenix, AZ

Project Design Consultants was selected by the City of Peoria, AZ to prepare a redevelopment plan and document for a 570-acre area adjacent to the major league spring training facilities and ballpark for the San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners.  PDC has worked with the City, ball clubs, community, stakeholders, and advisory committees to identify placemaking characteristics and new development and redevelopment opportunities for a mixed-use, year-round, walkable entertainment destination environment. The study includes preparation of a proposed land use and building intensity plan; a parking study and plan that includes shared opportunities and parking structure locations; pedestrian and bicycle circulation; environmental restoration of an existing drainage channel with recreational and educational opportunities; an improved vehicular circulation plan identifying alternative routes and road diets; identification of thematic elements including landscaping, hardscaping, street furnishings, signage, and lighting; and form-based development regulations.


PDC utilized our TurningPoint technology in public workshops, allowing the audience to participate in presentations by submitting responses to interactive questions using a hand-held keypad device. This software provides immediate results to survey queries which are integrated into PowerPoint presentations and is useful in gaining input from people who are uncomfortable expressing their opinions in a public workshop setting.


The study included implementation strategies, financing mechanisms and incentives, project imaging, a traffic study, cost estimates and pro formas, a 3-D model, and animation. On July 6, 2010, the Peoria City Council unanimously approved the Peoria Sports Complex Urban Design Plan.




• Planning; Urban Design

• Policy Planning

• Civil Engineering; Stormwater/Water Resources

• Landscape Architecture

• Park and Recreation Planning

• GIS, 3-D Computer Graphics

• Public Workshops





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