Hazard Center

San Diego, CA

Project Design Consultants designed and coordinated improvements based on a Project Study Report for this 42-acre mixed-use development in Mission Valley. The project included storm drain sump pump station design for encasing 1,000 LF of 33-inch sewer trunk, channel work, landscape design, irrigation control, surveying services, a variety of sewer, water, drainage and related infrastructure improvements, as well as identification, location, and relocation of existing facilities.  Project Design Consultants performed HEC-2 hydraulic studies to improve and realign Murray Canyon Creek for ultimate development of Hazard Center site and to handle the adjacent San Diego River 100-year flood conditions. The design included double 15-foot by 10-foot and quadruple 13-foot by 8-foot aluminum pipe arches and 20-foot rock-lined trapezoidal channel to convey 3,200 CFS. The team worked with Project Studies Section and Caltrans Permit Section, District 11 on the project.




• Pump Station Design

• Infrastructure Improvements

• Utility Relocation

• Survey

• Landscape Design











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