Flower Hill Promenade

San Diego, CA

Project Design Consultants assisted in the entitlement efforts of the approximate 15-acre commercial property located in San Diego.  The project included additional commercial/office space, a market, and a parking garage adjacent to existing on-site infrastructure.  It also included the demolition of an approximately 14,000 square foot movie theatre. The site is situated in a heavily congested traffic area adjacent to Interstate 5 and Via De La Valle.  Offsite lane configurations for Via De La Valle and coordination with Caltrans for the future Interstate 5 North Bound lane off of Via De La Valle were part of the overall project.  The project included construction of new water lines, sanitary sewer lines, minor storm drain improvements, retaining walls, grading, paving and construction of three new buildings.  There are also offsite improvements that consist of a new non-contiguous sidewalk and striping on Via De La Valle.





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