Chula Vista, CA

The 263-acre Eastern Urban Center (EUC) is located in the City of Chula Vista and bounded by SR-125 (west), Eastlake Parkway (east), Birch Road (north), and Rock Mountain Road (south).  The Corky McMillin Companies owns 207 acres within the EUC.


The EUC is proposed to include an additional 300,000 to 375,000 square feet of retail uses complimentary to the lifestyle center to the north, including mid-box tenants, lifestyle and main street retail/entertainment venues. An urban core, high density mixed use “main street” consisting of retail, hotel, office and civic components, integrated with residential areas is envisioned central to the site.


Project Design Consultants is the Engineer of Work for the development.  Our role has been as engineer of the Tentative Map, assisting McMillin Land Development with entitlement.  We have designed streets, grading, water, reclaimed water, sewer and drainage infrastructure.  PDC will prepare all final engineering plans and mapping associated with the construction of the master development.




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