Desert Heights School

Phoenix, AZ

Project Design Consultants (PDC) was responsible for designing and preparing civil engineering construction plans for a 5.8-acre charter school at the northwest corner of 35th Avenue and Union Hills Drive in the City of Phoenix (COP). The existing school site included six existing buildings of which four were modular buildings, as well as parking and a sports field. The school needed to be operational through the design build work process, which was performed in two phases.


In Phase 1, one new building was constructed with additional parking spaces, storm drain pipe, sewer service line, and fire lines and water lines (for both phases). In Phase 2, two existing buildings were removed, an existing modular building was relocated, and a second new building was constructed, along with a storm water retention basin with drywell.


Work included a drainage report, grading, drainage, paving, fire sprinkler and fire hydrant, water and sewer service lines, driveway, COP permitting of driveways and water lines, and SWPPP plans.




• Civil Engineering

• City of Phoenix Waterline and Driveway Permitting

• Construction Services (response to RFIs)














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