Children's Hospital Parking Structure

San Diego, CA

Project Design Consultants (PDC) provided planning, engineering, landscaping, mapping, and surveying services for the Children’s Hospital San Diego (CHSD) Parking garage located along Children’s Way in San Diego, CA.  PDC processed a Conditional Use Permit/Site Development/Planned Development permit in the City of San Diego.  The project consisted of approximately 998 stalls on a 316,000 SF garage floor area over 6-levels.  The project was bounded by CALTRANS to the east and PDC worked with CALTRANS to coordinate a Director’s Deed for the land transfer from CALTRANS to CHSD and coordinated with CALTRANS engineering on issues related to right-of-way, grading, drainage, and water quality.  PDC prepared grading, public improvement plans, all associated documents, and processed through the City of San Diego.    A permanent soil nail shoring wall, +/- 700LF and +/- 45 tall, was required in order to facilitate the parking garage design, which PDC coordinated with the project structural engineer and City to develop and permit.  PDC worked closely with CHSD staff and the contractor throughout the entire process.




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