Carmel Valley

San Diego, CA

PDC has been involved in the community of Carmel Valley and the Future Urbanizing Area (FUA) for many years. Master planning, processing, design, engineering, and surveying services have been provided within this ongoing project. The development includes a combination of recreational, residential, commercial, industrial, and public facilities on 6,000 acres of land, with an ultimate population of 55,000. Planning for the area is being shaped by the Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP), which establishes open space systems for both animal habitat and pedestrian use. Numerous recreation facilities, parks, schools, and bicycle and trail systems have been linked to this open space system to provide alternative transportation routes.


PDC provided planning, detailed engineering design drawings and their specifications, construction management, surveying, and permitting services for a variety of projects including single- and multifamily housing developments, apartments, commercial projects, office buildings, schools, street improvements, public facilities, and open spaces.




• Planning

• Civil Engineering

• Survey

• Construction Management

• Permitting




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