Campus Park West

San Diego, CA

Project Design Consultants provided planning and engineering services to amend the 1983 Hewlett Packard Campus Park Specific Plan located at the I-15/SR-76 intersection in Fallbrook, California, an unincorporated community in San Diego County. The amendment includes approximately 107 acres of the original Specific Plan area and is referred to as Campus Park West. The overall intent of the amended land use plan is to create a “village” atmosphere that will not detract from the charm of downtown Fallbrook, but will offer a complimentary, attractive, and pedestrian-friendly place to work, shop, and live with retail conveniences and employment opportunities that reduce the need to commute to larger, more urbanized areas. The proposed plan includes limited impact industrial/office uses adjacent to the I-15 freeway which will allow for a variety of employment opportunities, a mixed-use village core, multi-family residential at a density of 20 dwelling units per acre, general commercial uses, open space, and a pedestrian trail system. The Specific Plan Amendment also includes detailed design guidelines specifying architectural character.


The entitlement effort included the preparation of a new Specific Plan document and General Plan Amendment Report, a rezone, and a tentative map. In addition, the property will need to be detached from the Rainbow Municipal Water District and the San Luis Rey Municipal Water District and annexed into the Rainbow Municipal Water District for water and sewer service. The project abuts Multiple Species Conservation Plan (MSCP) land, which poses several design challenges in relation to wetlands and fire buffers. In addition, substantial coordination regarding circulation, land use, and availability of public facilities and services was required with two other applicants that to the east of Campus Park West. The Campus Park West project was approved on consent by the Board of Supervisors on June 18, 2014.




• Physical Planning

• Tentative Map and Grading Plan Preparation

• Specific Plan

• Hydrology

• Design Guidelines

• Entitlement Processing






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