LGBT/North Park Senior Housing

San Diego, CA

The North Park Senior Housing project (formerly  known as the LGBT Senior Housing project) will provide 76 residential units to the North Park senior community while providing an affirming and supportive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender seniors. The project’s design features a variety of inviting spaces allowing for social interaction and support such as: A street level linear park with bench seating and dog station; a podium level courtyard with a bistro lit dining space and a built in community BBQ; fruit trees along with edible garden for resident’s use; lounge seating area with two-sided fireplace; large canopy trees with accent lighting; and a top floor rose garden with overlook view for passive activities.

Project Design Consultants (PDC) provided civil engineering and planning services during the project’s discretionary entitlement period. These services included site planning, technical studies, and community outreach. After the project’s entitlement approval by City Council, CHW requested PDC to further provide final engineering and landscape architecture services. PDC’s expertise abetted the refinement of the project’s design; the preparation and approval of Building and Public Improvement plans; and the final technical studies required by the City. PDC is providing support during construction and post construction services including Aas-builts and bond exoneration after the project has been completed.

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